Burrito Shack is committed to providing a nutritional and tasteful eating experience.  Whether you are enjoying Burrito Shack’s eat-in atmosphere or take out – your taste buds will be screaming with Mexican flavours. Burrito Shack promises to provide quality fresh ingredients with a traditional Mexican culinary flare.






Burrito Shack was founded with the belief that fresh ingredients matter.

Burrito Shack’s focus is literally from the ground up for all its’ menu items. Whenever applicable Burrito Shack grows it’s own ingredients or specially selects ingredients based on texture, smell and quality.


As often as possible Burrito Shack purchases local Ontario farm produce and pesticide free ingredients.



Burrito Shack delicately washes, individually chops, and prepares ingredients each morning to ensure all menu items are of the highest level of freshness.


Our customers thoroughly enjoy their eating experience at Burrito Shack. We encourage our customers to become adventurous by trying different menu items and selections.


Burrito Shack is active in the community and is dedicated to providing community support. Our school lunch program allows young children to benefit from fresh quality nutritional lunches, while giving school incentives to increase revenues.


Burrito Shack offers catering for large and small gatherings. All catering options can be initiated via web order by selecting the contact tab and filling out the form or by ordering over the phone.


Bottled to go

Burrito Shack is continuously striving to make your dining a positive experience.  We are always looking for better ways to present menu options and bring fresh and nutritional items to your table.


Our inspired Mexican sauces are prepared and bottled for your convenience, so you can spice up your home life. Check out the range of spice varieties. Also look for our individually jarred peppers.

We wrap it…in freshness!